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Karate for kids

Karate is one of the best extra curricula activities for children as it’s not only tremendous fun but also develops a set of life skills that will equip you’re child with the tools to handle the many challenges they’re sure to face as they grow up and explore the world. There’s far too many to list on just one webpage but we’ve highlighted a few attributes that we believe are beneficial for all children. 

Confidence: Developing confidence in your own abilities is one of the most important attributes in building strong and resilient individuals. Through practicing and perfecting the techniques of karate, young people are able to find a sense of belief in themselves that perhaps they didn’t have before. As karate is challenging to both the body and mind, it provides a strong sense of achievement as students become proficient in the techniques and ultimately progress through the belt system. With each level a student progresses, new challenges are presented, which the student must overcome to advance to the next level. Over time, this leads to self-belief and confidence that they can achieve their goals when they work for them.

Discipline & Focus : Instilling discipline in young people is one of the most important and impressive aspects of karate. Being able to control oneself in situations and with tasks that are not always enjoyable is a vital skill to develop as you grow, as it empowers you to persevere and overcome difficult tasks with the strength of your own will.


Physical fitness: While technology is fantastic resource more and more children prefer to spend their time inn front of their favourite screens. While this is perfectly healthy in moderation it’s essential for children of all ages to develop and maintain physical fitness for a healthy life. Karate places a strong emphasis on whole body strength which is developed naturally through training. Stamina improves as students progress to higher levels where there is a greater demand placed on the body. 

Self Defence: In a perfect world there would be no need for this. Unfortunately though we do live in a world where the ability to defend yourself is a necessary life skill just like being able to swim or read and write. The famous saying “there is no first attack in karate” refers to the intention for karate to be used only in situations of self defence. part of the discipline of this art is learning to control the powerful techniques learned and only to use them in the dojo or in the defence of oneself or loved ones. 

Respect: While this is the last one we’ve chosen to list it’s absolutely not the least important. Respect is where everything starts and finishes with karate. Every time we work with partners we bow as a show of respect to one another and this mentality should be carried everywhere in and outside of the dojo.  

Hopefully this short page highliting the benefits of karate has been of interest to you. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have so feel free to get in touch. alternatively if you’re seeking a place for your child just fill out our free trial form by clicking th cutting below!