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Club Squad

One of the many benefits of our club is the club squad.
by being a member of the squad students have access to compete at a minimum of 2 competitions per year.
Competitions allow students to gain experience, and test their skills against students from other clubs all over the UK and even Europe. 

Stratford Karate Club’s adult squad at JKA open Championship 2019

Being a member of the club squad means you’ll be representing the club, but more importantly you’ll be representing yourself.

The criteria to be a member of the club squad is as follows:

You must be 9th kyu (orange belt) or above.
you must Always put maximum effort into your classes to be a good example to other students.

And that’s it!

Assessments for the squad are held in April May September and October and are open to all students of the club adults and children alike. Although we assess on specific dates the club instructors always have their eyes open for students putting in lots of effort and are trying their best.

The club holds squad sessions before each competition in order to make sure our team are ready, know what to expect and of course have the best chances of wining a medal! 

lastly, being on our club squad is a stepping stone to one day potentially joining the england team for those who’d be interested. to find out more about the National Team click here