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Upcoming Pricing changes in 2023

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update regarding the club’s pricing. Due to inflationary pressures, we will be increasing some of our memberships in order to meet the financial needs of the club. We are, however, keeping our most popular tier £50 per month and the premium £70 per month level the same.

With this is mind the clubs pricing will look like this from January 31st:

PAYG £10 per class.
One class per week £35 Per month
Two classes per week £50 Per month
Three classes per week £70 Per month

Our family pricing will remain the same with discounts for those paying monthly. Unfortunately we’re not able to offer discounts to those using our PAYG pricing as the club requires a consistent cash flow in order to pay its liabilities such as hall hire costs, instructor time and travel, inventory purchases and so on.

Over the years we’ve also found that students tend to achieve better results when training consistently therefore we also encourage everyone to go onto monthly, not only because this is a cost saving, but also as this serves as a form of accountability when deciding to come to class.