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Amazing results from the legend open Championships! 2022

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Well done to everyone that attended the competition Saturday, the students for great performances and the parents for your patience and hard work getting the kids there. You’ve all represented the club impeccably and I’m extremely proud of you all.

It’s also important to add that regardless of results the most important take away from this event is the experience you gained. As this is what will lead many of you to become the champions of the future!


Children’s under 11yrs category’s:

Alisher Kata 🥈sanbon Kumite 🥇

Eddie sanbon kumite 🥈

Jasurbek kata 🥉Sanbon Kumite🥉

Lakshmi 4th place sanbon Kumite 

Teen boys freestyle sparring kumite:

Afzal kumite 🥈

David kumite 🥉

Senior women’s individual and team kumite 

Chaz 🥉 individual 🥈team

Senior men kata and kumite:

Sensei Aaron Kata 🥈 Kumite 🥇plus best male competitor award! 🏆

Congratulations to everyone! more clips to be posted soon so keep watch!