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Successful Belt Test For All!!!

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Today at the end of what’s been a very difficult year for us karateka our club had it’s first belt grading exam in a year!
I’m very pleased to report that we had a 100% pass rate!

I know there’s been some students that had to withdraw at the last moment and as a result were not able to attempt their exam today but I want to reassure everyone that the club will endeavour to organise another belt test as soon as we are able in 2021.

In regard to the most recent government announcement, we are closed for the Christmas break anyway and our first date we are currently supposed to reopen is set for Tuesday the 5th of January, however we will keep everyone updated as it’s currently unclear what level of restriction we will be under and what those restrictions will allow us to do.

Hopefully ill see everyone as soon as possible in 2021

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Kind Regards 

Aaron Storey 
Chief Instructor 
Stratford Karate Club