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Sensei Aaron Storey Chief Instructor

The Club Chief Instructor is Sensei Aaron Storey, 3rd Dan.
Aaron has been practising Shotokan Karate since 2011.
passing his black belt (1st Dan) grading at JKA Annual Spring International Course in May 2015 under examiners:
8th Dan Imamura sensei.
7th Dan Omura sensei.
7th Dan Otha sensei.
3rd Dan Shiina sensei.

Following on from 1st Dan grading Aaron studied and passed his JKA/EKF coaching qualification JKA/EKF, at the International May Spring Course in 2016.

Since starting karate training Aaron has continued to compete, and win medals in many Regional, National and International Championships.
The success and experience prompted him to attend “try outs” for the JKA England national team in September 2016, following his success at the try outs Aaron was invited to join the team for 2017.

As a member of the JKA England squad Aaron receives the highest level training from some of the best instructors in the UK. This gives students of the club a unique advantage, in that the chief instructor is not only a highly qualified and experienced instructor, but also an active elite competitor.

Aaron is now a senior member of the team, and has competed in the highest level competition on both national and international levels. Also attending JKA European Juniors Championships in Kadañ, Czech Republic  as one of the teams coaches in May 2019.

Aaron has coached students from beginner all the way up to black belt, as well as coaching some students to be successful upon trying out for the JKA England squad.

Aaron continues to show his passion and commitment to JKA Shotokan karate. He attends many JKA England regional, national and international courses, to continue developing his knowledge and practice of Shotokan Karate.


  • JKAE/EKF Coaching License
  • Enhanced Disclosure (DBS)
  • First Aid Certification
  • NSPCC Child Protection Certification
  • JKA instructors International License Level C
  • JKA Referees & Judge International License C
  • JKA Examiner International License D

a few of Aarons notable competitions results below:

Sensei Aaron in action!
  • JKA World Championships 2017 Ireland
    Semi Final Individual Kata
  • JKA England Four Nations Championship 2017
    Bronze Medalist Kata
  • JKA England National Championship 2018
    Bronze Medalist Kata
    Silver Medalist Team Kumite
  • BKF International Open Championship 2018
    Bronze Medalist Team Kumite
  • JKA England Open Shotokan Cup 2018
    Bronze Medalist Kata
    Bronze Medalist Kumite
  • Legends Open Championship 2019
    Gold Medalist Kata
    Bronze Medalist Kumite
    Silver Medalist Male team Kumite
    Silver Medalist Mixed team Kumite
    Best Male Competitor Award
  • JKA England National Championship 2019
    Gold Medalist Kata
    Silver Medalist Kumite
  • TSKUK Open Championships 2019
    Silver Medalist Kata
    Bronze Medalist Kumite
    Bronze medalist Team Kumite
  • JKAE Open Championships 2019
    Gold Medalist Kata
  • FSKA World Championships 2019
    4th Place Kata
    Bronze Medalist kumite
    Bronze Medalist Team Kumite
  • JSKA Open Championships 2020
    Silver Medalist Kata
    Silver Medalist Team Kumite
  • Legends Open Championships 2022
    Gold Mealist individual Kumite
    Silver Medalist Individual Kata
  • JKA England National Championship 2022
    Gold medalist Kata
  • JKAE Open championships 2022
    Gold Medalist Kata
  • JKA England National championships 2023
    Gold Medalist Kata
    Gold Medalist Kumite
    Gold Medalist Team Kumite
    Best male competitor award 2023
    Grand National Champion.
  • JKAE Open championships 2023
    Silver Medalist Kata
    Bronze Medalist kumite